WME-IMG to Bring ‘Internet of Things’ to Live Events With AGT International

Fashion shows, sporting events and consumer fairs will see new level of tech engagement

WME-IMG is bringing the Internet of Things to everything from rock concerts to New York Fashion Week.

The company announced a joint venture with AGT International on Thursday to develop physical and app-based experiences for attendees of the many live events they produce.

The “Internet of Things” is best described as the digital harmonizing of everything you touch — like devices that turn on the oven while you’re at work, vacuum your floor, lock your doors from remote locations and drive your car, all examples TheWrap saw at CES 2015.

WME-IMG and AGT’s new partnership will offer a platform t0 connect consumers before, during and after live events, “infusing their online interactions with their physical, real-life experiences,” a joint statement said.

A tweet that tells you how fast a model’s heart is beating before she hits the runway. Data that lets the organizers of a winter fair know when guests are getting cold so they can circulate free hot chocolate. An instant poll that lets a band know when, during their concert, everyone went to the bathroom. These are some of the possibilities the partnership hopes to yield.

“Consumer and entertainment companies have been collecting insights for years, but very few of our clients and partners have had access to analytics that allow them to act on those insights to deliver relevant content and better experiences for their audiences,” said Ariel Emanuel, Co-CEO of WME-IMG.

“Our partnership with AGT marks a paradigm shift, recognizing that IoT technology and data science will fundamentally change the way people experience live events, as well as how they consume and share content that matters to them,” he added.

Brands will have the opportunity to sponsor these tech-driven initiatives. Programming will begin across several sports, fashion and culinary events this year, with a more comprehensive slate coming in 2016.