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‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Gets ‘Who’s the Boss?’ Sitcom-Style Soundtrack (Video)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s quaalude-popping Jordan Belfort has a family-friendly makeover

The drugs, sex and drunken car crashes from “Wolf of Wall Street” seem a lot more wholesome when a perky sitcom theme song is added to them.

The opulent and excessive black comedy starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese has been recut with the “Who’s the Boss?” soundtrack, which makes even taking quaaludes and picking up prostitutes seem suitable for the whole family.

As Jordan Belfort drives his Lamborghini into a fountain while semi-comatose, gets a stiletto to the face from wife Margot Robbie or tries to do a runner from the FBI, the cheerful tune from the hit ’80s sitcom starring Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano lightens up every disturbing scene.

Even Matthew McConaughey snorting cocaine over lunch fits in with the upbeat song “Brand New Life” by show creators Martin Cohan and Blake Hunter.

The credits for “Who’s the Boss of Wall Street” are also given a retro font to match the film’s new tone, as Jonah Hill “plays” with a pet goldfish by dangling it into his mouth.

Created by Robert Jones, the fresh take on the Oscar-nominated hit makes even the most deplorable characters lovable.

Watch the video here.

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