Woman Sues Disney Parks, Claims Donald Duck Groped Her

Lawsuit: Employee dressed as character grabbed breast at Epcot Center in 2008

This might sound goofy, but a Delaware County mother suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts claims that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and about a dozen other "permanent" maladies because Donald Duck grabbed her breasts two years ago at Epcot Center.

April Magolon, 27, of Upper Darby, states in her lawsuit that a Disney employee dressed in a Donald Duck costume touched one of her breasts and continued to "molest her" when she approached him for an autograph in May 2008, while she held her child.

Beyond the humiliation of being groped by an anthropomorphic duck in a sailor suit, Magolon claims that the incident caused "severe physical injury," a "shock to her entire nervous system," "muscle contraction headaches," "acute anxiety," "nausea, cold sweats, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, digestive problems" and other conditions that are "permanent in nature."

The episode also forced her to spend "large sums of money for a ruined vacation" with her children and fiancé, according to the suit.

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