WWE’s Paul Heyman Re-ups Yahoo Sports Deal for WrestleMania Week (Exclusive Video)

Heyman Hustle website will hand Turnstiles new blog posts and videos — like the terrifying Brock Lesnar footage we have here first

Ladies and Gentlemen: His name is Paul Heyman, and he’s partnering with Yahoo again.

Every day for the week leading up to April 2’s “WrestleMania 33,” the popular Heyman Hustle website will drop an original blog post and a new video directly on Yahoo Sports’ Turnstiles page, TheWrap has learned exclusively. The WWE promoter and former ECW owner did something similar in March last year leading up to ‘Mania.

Production on the new deal’s video assets has been underway for a little while now, including the awesome and terrifying clip above featuring Heyman’s top client, WWE Superstar (and world’s scariest human) Brock Lesnar. Watch it first here, and never — ever — try to book your own interview with “The Beast Incarnate.”

The deposit of Heyman Hustle videos on Yahoo will begin Monday, and run through next Sunday’s “WrestleMania.” They’ll feature more exclusive footage of Lesnar preparing for his upcoming Universal Championship match against Goldberg, which is the most-anticipated bout this year of pro wrestling’s annual Super Bowl. On the lighter side, Turnstiles will also get some fun footage of Heyman berating WWE media row, as well as outtakes and other never-before-seen stuff.

“Last year, our partnership with Yahoo! Sports was the most successful collaboration we’ve ever done with the Heyman Hustle website,” Heyman told TheWrap. “It also provided a look into our Looking4Larry Agency that launched the bidding war for the rights to the reality show we’re currently shooting. This year, we are debuting seven never-before-seen videos with behind the scenes footage of Brock Lesnar that even I find intimidating, and also doing a Facebook Live session for which I’m already lawyering up!”

By the way, that video above — in which Lesnar practically eats the reporter for asking a question — is totally real, Heyman assured us. In other words, this was no pro wrestling-style promo.

Heyman was the owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling until 2001. Prior to that, he served as a WCW (World Championship Wrestling) manager under the ring name Paul E. Dangerously.

Beyond Brock, Heyman has has also managed WWE Champions The Big Show, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, and CM Punk — that’s a record. Plus, he’s served as the WWE “Smackdown” general manager for the cameras, and was a head writer behind the scenes.

Heyman’s also spent time in the announcer’s chair for the company, including calling “WrestleMania X-7,” generally considered the best one ever. This year’s “WrestleMania” takes place in Orlando, Fla., where you can bet Heyman will have a lot to say from the (relative) security of ringside.