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WWE Takes on ‘Twin Peaks’ in Bizarre Parody (Video)

This is sure to perplex even David Lynch

Wrestlers watch “Twin Peaks,” it turns out.

In a bizarre parody of David Lynch’s cult sensation, WWE SmackDown star Tyler Breeze investigates the disappearance on his partner, Fandango, after he was abducted by attackers at WWE Battleground.

Titled “Fashion Peaks,” the video sees Breeze channeling his inner Agent Cooper, looking at a wall of photographs, which feature references like “Bella Twin Peaks,” “Blue Velvet McIntyre” and “Fire Walk With Me.”

Breeze then gets thrown in a dream sequence inspired by the Black Lodge, and sees Fandango doing a Man From Another Place impersonation. In the sequence, Breeze has more questions than answers.

“No wonder the show got canceled the first time,” said Breeze. “What does it all mean? Enough with the metaphors!”

Breeze and Fandango — also known as Breezango and the Fashion Police — had their offices ransacked by mystery attackers a few months back. Since then, they have been investigating all of their coworkers. During Battleground, The Ascensions claimed they were the attackers, but the real culprits struck again when they dragged Fandango away.

Watch the parody above.