WWE’s Stephanie McMahon Catches Jon Stewart Talking Smack on Her (Video)

“I thought it would have been nice to see you too, but I hear you have some remarks about me,” the Raw commissioner says during the confrontation

Jon Stewart Stephanie McMahon

Jon Stewart had an amusing confrontation with WWE Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon during SummerSlam on Sunday.

“What are you doing working with Stephanie? How could you do that? How could you not be working with the good guys?” the former “Daily Show” host questioned Raw general manager Mick Foley backstage.

Foley responded that McMahon was often “misunderstood,” to which the former “Daily Show” host said, “Misunderstood? Nepotism, abuse of power, mean, just mean.”

Stephanie, also the daughter of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, was standing right behind Stewart during the exchange, and proceeded to get right in Stewart’s face.

“I thought it would have been nice to see you too, but I hear you have some remarks about me,” she asked. “Nepotism? Abuse of power?… I don’t appreciate your accusations. What good is power if you can’t abuse it?”



Later, Stewart stepped into the ring and announced that he would be joining The New Day, a wrestling stable consisting of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Watch the video below: