‘X Factor’ Top 10 Performances: Rion Page Owns ‘Your Song’ (Video)

British invasion was the theme, but several contestants barely made it to the shore on the Fox competition

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 8:06 PM

It was a mixed bag for Fox’s “X Factor” Top 10 as the contestants were tasked to sing hits from the British isles and many fell short. One expects more from the competition at this level.

That wasn’t the story for Rion Page, though. Every week, the Jacksonville girl just gets better and better. This week, she shook off the usual giddy little girl breaks in the song and focused on emotion. The voice was always there – and even the emotion – but keeping herself in the moment of her rendition of Elton John‘s “My Song” brings her that much closer to taking the top prize.

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Nipping at her heels is Josh Levi, the little pop star once again proved why he deserved to be brought back into this competition all those weeks ago. With his voice under control now, his take on Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” was practically ready for an album. But performance-wise, judge Kelly Rowland is still waiting for him to get out of his head and feel some “freedom” up there.

The judges would probably say that either Jeff Gutt or Lillie McCloud is safe. And while I agree, I have to say that there was something missing for me on both their performances.

Gutt doesn’t always feel genuine or comfortable when he’s singing. Plus, he didn’t make Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” look easy.

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And as the weeks pass, McCloud is also starting to move too far from the woman we met in auditions when she reminded us of Ms. Whitney Houston — that abandon she possessed when performing. I’m hoping she gets by and then really shows herself next week.

Who else do I think is safe? Carlito Olivera had the coolest staging of the night and something tells me the girls will keep him around another week; Restless Road, harmony problems and stiffness shouldn’t send the country trio home just yet; and Ellona Santiago will likely move on to dance another day.

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Who’s in trouble? Tim Olstad, who always delivers a great song, but comes off as trying too hard to define “X Factor”; Alex and Sierra are running out of chances and her inexperience is clearly the weak link in the duo; and Khaya Cohen, who has the one of the best voices in the competition cracked a bit in the performance. Plus, she doesn’t make people feel warm and fuzzy about her.

Which two singers do you think are going home?

“The X Factor” eliminations air Thursday at 8/7c on Fox.

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