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Zac Efron, Seth Rogen Take on Zombies in Pitch for ‘Neighbors 3’ (Video)

Efron once again proves that his devotion to his fraternity brothers is stronger than anything else

Zac Efron‘s connection to his Delta Psi frat is so strong, that he can’t even kill one of his brothers who’s turned into a zombie.

In a fake pitch for “Neighbors 3,” Efron and “Neighbors 2” costar Seth Rogen take on a zombie who’s tied to a chair à la “The Walking Dead.” Aware that they must kill the zombie, Rogen whips out a sword.

“Close your eyes, he looks like a squirter!” Rogen says as he wields the weapon — but Efron stops him as soon as he sees his frat letters sprawled across the zombie’s shirt.

“He’s Delta Psi! You can’t kill him. That’s my brother,” he says. “I know you can’t see it, but underneath that messed up face, there’s a cool brother … When you’re brothers, it’s forever, for life and beyond. It’s a fraternity thing, I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

That apparently strikes a chord with Rogen, and they start a fight with each other that ends in Rogen accidentally kicking the zombie’s chair so he falls and dies anyway.

And then the camera pans to Efron and Rogen pitching the movie to studio execs.

“And we call it ‘Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising,'” says Efron.

“I really like it,” Rogen replies, to which Efron adds, “Beer pong is the cure.”

Watch the video above.