Trump’s 4th Arrest Crashes Fulton County Jail Website in Lead-Up to Mug Shot Reveal

Dozens of fake mug shots of varying quality began circulating Thursday as the former president faced arraignment in Georgia

A close-up of former President Donald Trump, a man with light reddish skin and blonde hair
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The online quest for former President Donald Trump’s mug shot crashed the Fulton County Jail website Thursday after the embattled politician turned himself in for an arraignment on 13 counts of racketeering, conspiracy and other charges connected with his alleged efforts to overturn the Georgia results of the 2020 presidential election.

Meanwhile, a barrage of fake mug shots of varying qualities circulated around the internet, with some tricking social media users into thinking they’re the real thing.

Along with Trump, 18 other defendants are facing charges in the case. Many of them, including Rudy Guilianni and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, turned themselves in for booking earlier in the week.

Before the hearing, Trump took to his Truth Social account to bash Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

“Why is there so much MURDER in Atlanta? Why is there so much Violent Crime? People are afraid to go outside to buy a loaf of bread!” he wrote. “One big reason is that failed District Attorney, Fani Willis, who is campaigning and fundraising off ‘get Trump’ (much like the others!), doesn’t have the Time, Money or Interest to go after the real criminals, even the REALLY Violent ones, that are destroying Atlanta, and its once beautiful culture and way of life. This is yet another SAD DAY IN AMERICA!”

In the run-up to his arraignment, Trump’s campaign released an ad on Fox News to pivot the conversation back to the former president’s accomplishments ahead of his 2024 presidential reelection campaign.

“The reason Donald Trump is dominating the race: What he did for us and what he’ll do for us,” the ad said. “Trump made us safer and more secure. Prices were low. Groceries we affordable. We were beat China. Jobs were coming home. Our border was secure. But Joe Biden’s America, wages down. Families struggling. Only Trump is ready to get our economy back on track.”

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing the case, has approved requests by local TV stations to have cameras in the court room.
Outside the courthouse, dozens of Trump supporters carried signs and shouted words slogans.

The Fulton County sheriff, meanwhile, has confirmed to media outlets that a mug shot was taken.