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  • Artists by Artists

    We invited some of the art world’s most talented to create portraits of some of Hollywood’s most fabulous. Delving deep beyond the oft-photographed visages, these artists bring to their subjects a unique depth of perception. Their art goes places a headshot could only dream of

    Artists by Artists
  • Deception Perception

    In May December, Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman embody psychologically complex and manipulative characters entwined in a cerebral game of cat-and-mouse. To pull it off, they found in each other simple honesty and trust

    Deception Perception
  • Setting the Scenes

    In 2023, you could go just about anywhere you ever wanted to at the movies: the rural American Midwest of the 1920s; a Lisbon-originating luxury sailing vessel making port calls in Marseilles and Alexandria; the hallowed nether regions of Carnegie Hall andthrough the Leonard Bernstein estate; and even a dreamy parallel universe in which a…

    Setting the Scenes

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