‘Access Hollywood’ Executive Producer Blasts Kardashians Over ‘Blacklisting’

'Access Hollywood' Executive Producer Blasts Kardashians Over 'Blacklisting'

Rob Silverstein criticized the family's matriarch Kris Jenner after she banned the entertainment news outlet from Kim's birthday bash in Las Vegas over the weekend

Rob Silverstein, the executive producer of “Access Hollywood,” is standing up to Kardashian family manager Kris Jenner after she “blacklisted” his outlet from covering Kim Kardashian‘s 33rd birthday party at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas on Friday.

“We were planning on covering, but Kris Jenner has ‘blacklisted’ us,” Silverstein wrote in an editorial response published on the Access Hollywood website. “The reason: She was not happy with a review we aired of her talk show.”

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Jenner's talk show ended its six-week test run on Fox TV stations in August, but its future is still unclear. Silverstein, however, doesn't sound like he's holding his breath for its return.

“First, her talk show was not great and she is not a talk show host, no shame in that. The landscape is littered with failed talk shows. Bethenny is finding that out right now,” he wrote. “‘Access Hollywood’ reports on the Kardashians. We have fun with the Kardashians, but we are not mouth pieces for the Kardashians.”

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While Silverstein joined the long line of the family's critics who maintained the ”Kardashians are famous for being famous,” he admitted their rise to fame was “no small feat.” But their overwhelming presence in pop culture can be problematic.

“Their popularity causes a lot of internal issues at our show; producers want us to ‘cover real stars who have talent,'” Silverstein added. “We get e-mails from viewers all the time asking us to cut down or even eliminate our coverage of the Kardashians.”

Silverstein concluded his piece on the family, titled “A Different Take on the Kardashians,” by pointing out how their approach to publicity has changed, but his outlet's approach to covering them will not.

“When they were just starting out on this journey, they would take any publicity they could get, now it appears they are being selective. That is their right,” Silverstein wrote. “Our right is to cover the family as openly and fairly as we cover all of Hollywood and despite the ‘blacklist,’ that's exactly what we will keep on doing.”

  • Michael

    To be honest, I'm more likely to click on a link where a site ISN'T praising the Kardashians about something. I'm sick of them, and this is just another reason. If you want clicks, post Anti-Kardashian articles.

  • SoCalGuy

    Rob Silverstein is just another Hollywood prick who would sell his mother down the river if he thought it would get ratings. Who gives a rat's ass what he thinks?

    • Jennifer

      and Kris Jenner would and has sold her daughters…

      • mlk84

        Kris is a phenomenal “omager” Can anyone say jealous?

  • Simone

    leave the kardashian's alone…..live and let live. they want media. they don't want media. it's up to them who they allow in their realm. and that ‘ famous for being famous’ line is pretty tired. they do much more now including running multiple companies. i don't watch their show but I'm happy for anyone working and paying their own way. GIVE THEM A BREAK. They are people to. stop throwing stones folks…as I recall….your windows are glass also.

    • hm

      What do they do? Kris Jenner owns a church and Churches Dont pay TAXES All the kids have said they give millions of $$$ to this church every year…They hide their money then get money back –So in other words they are taking money from You

      • mlk84

        They must do something that interests you. YOU ARE HERE.

  • girlygirl

    Normally would not support A.H, but I am glad they are speaking out about the K. throwing their weight around. The family is disgusting and I can't wait for their 15 minutes to be over.

    • mlk84

      With 3 million viewers for their finale and a “Kristmas” special to boot, you may be waiting longer than their 15 minutes, which by the way is on a 9th season. Can anyone say, “longer than MASH”?

  • hm

    This family has NO TALENT,NO CLASS, NO MORALES.

    • mlk84

      Just like you have no education, the word is “morals”. Stop “keeping up” and start reading up.

      • guest

        technically, they have no “morales” either…

  • randolph jay

    Tell Silverstein that this should be the best thing to happen to his career. Period.

  • TexasDey

    Normally I wouldn't speak up in support of the Kardashians. This time I feel I have to. Family gatherings; whether birthday, anniversary, engagement or the like are private affairs. You get to decide who will be a part of the gathering. It really doesn't matter if the affair is going to be on a TV program or not. To invite someone who opening mocks you or is critical of what you do is just inviting more of the same. Would you invite someone who talked smack about you? So you don't like the Kardashians. You can still demonstrate some common sense.

    • me

      There is a phrase
      Do not bite the hand that feeds you.
      Meaning, these same people you blacklist are the same people who helped and can end careers.
      Just remember that, you have a voice once a week on your TV show that is scripted.
      These people have a show everynight and can write an article everyday.
      So when you start the blacklist, just remember what bridge you burn today, might just be a bridge you wish you hadnt tomorrow.

  • loretta laxton

    I don't understand the interest in this family!!!!! I have watch them a couple of times to see what they are all about, and all they do is cry, whine, and stick to each other like glue; the mother is in charge of every one, husband, boyfriends and daughters, please take them off the air. I bet
    it would just warm every ones heart to see their Christmas show, Just joking!!!!! they are just of bunch of greedy people.

    • mlk84


  • mlk84

    If you are going to keep doing what you're doing Access Hollywood, then there is no story. Go for it and shut up already!

  • Boston

    With all respect, I actually do not follow celebrities aside from respecting their work in movies. I had, however, taken to reading along only as, as a lot of people, someone who has seen the Kardashians as a truly disgusting threat to the institution of the American media – as a whole. These aren't harmless people. And from time to time, we've all been brought forward in our seats when one of you have faced their….”influence” down. This is the first time, however, the bubble around them has seriously been punctured, publicly, by a Hollywood Executive and I thank you so much for this. These people DO NOT control the American media and I thank you so much for taking things back. I have a lot of respect for what you just did and I know that I join America in thanking you so much. Happy Holiday, good Sir.

    • Steve Frank

      Its a jewish manipulation and tactic.

  • 23333339v2

    well, when the entire “Empire” was only made possible by putting a sex tape of Kim K out on the internet….what are the odds that they will ever be famous for anything other than being famous. How a mother starts her “dynasty” by encouraging a daughters’ sex tape is an example of a person (and a family) that will do anything for money and notoriety. I'm certainly not conservative or a prude, but the fact that the Ks have become exceedingly wealthy and famous….for absolutely nothing and no reason….really makes me a bit sad for where we are in this country. When Kanye West – one of the biggest boors in the public eye – becomes a mogul….well, you understand what I mean. It's sad.

  • Steve Frank

    Oh a jew is mad, watch out, jews will bring them all down now. You cross a jew and he / she will go crazy on you.

  • Steve Frank

    Access Hollywood is a jewish propaganda rag to promote Israeli actors that live in the USA. Just like Entertainment Weekly, should be called Jewish Weekly.