6 Movies Ideas for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone After ‘Escape Plan’

6 Movies Ideas for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone After 'Escape Plan'

From ridiculous action to family comedy, here are six projects we think would be perfect starring vehicles for both actors

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are an action dream team who join forces to escape an inescapable prison this weekend in “The Escape Plan.” But is it the best they can do?

Although the Hollywood icons are getting older, they're not showing any signs of slowing down, so we assume they're not done teaming up to kick ass just yet — providing they can find the right project.

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Here are six custom movie scenarios carefully crafted for more collaboration  in every genre that we know and love.

Let's start with their favorite:



Title: “Abolition Man”

Logline: New York City's toughest retired cop (Stallone) accidentally travels through time and finds himself trapped in the South at the height of the slave trade. With Lincoln's Gettysburg Address decades away, he takes matters into his own hands and clashes with a brutal plantation owner (Schwarzenegger) while fighting for abolition.


The_Disposables_Poster Compressed

Title: “The Disposables”

Logline: In the future, senior citizens retire to their own designated country to avoid overpopulation in the United States. But when two tough-as-nails World War III veterans (Stallone, Schwarzenegger) discover that country is actually a death camp for citizens deemed “disposable,” they set out to prove their worth to society — by destroying it.



Title: “Double Play”

Logline: A retired CIA operative (Stallone) moves his family to a small Ohio town where he volunteers to coach his son's Little League baseball team, only to discover one big problem: his former KGB rival (Schwarzenegger) has already settled in the same town and coaches his own son's team, the Reds.



Title: “The Bolshevik Artists”

Logline: When Bolshevik leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was on his deathbed in 1924, he envisioned loyal disciples — and political rivals — Joseph Stalin (Schwarzenegger) and Leon Trotsky (Stallone) sharing power. Three years later, Stalin had exiled Trotsky and seized control. (Alt tagline: This Bromance was Truly Rocky).



Title: “Terminators”

Logline: The T-800 (Schwarzenegger) is back, and this time he's protecting 2-year-old John Connor from a robotic version of himself — the JC-100 (Stallone), which Skynet manufactured after capturing and killing Connor in the year 2048.



Title: Big Bad Wolf

Logline: As one of the world's foremost authorities on the supernatural underworld that has been horrifying humanity for centuries, Professor Robert Hood (Schwarzenegger) has slain every monster he has ever encountered — except the one responsible for his daughter's death. 20 years later, the shapeshifting beast (Stallone) has resurfaced, and Prof. Hood is the only man who knows how to stop it.

  • SkipB

    How about two old narcissists come back from the future to warn Kanye West about his future?

    • Todd Hill


  • William

    I would actually pay money to watch the baseball flick

  • Steve Black

    They could play the Aliens on a remake of Independence Day or they could star in a documentary about The pitfalls of plastic surgery late in life…Just a suggestion

  • Todd Hill

    Double Play is a movie I would honestly pay money to see. Ah-nold as a KGB gone American and Stallone as his former CIA enemy. Fighting it out on the little league platform, trying to outdo each other in victory celebrations, horrible backfires of attempts to sabotage each other. Small local shops being fronts for major CIA and KGB retired operatives, still battling it out, only now it's bake sales, PTO disagreements, and the most important battle of the year, the little league game. Most of the towns residents are clueless that two factions of retired spies are still going at it, just to stop from feeling old. Oh, and for added kicks, don't make them parents, make them GRANDPARENTS, and address the strained relations with their children and show how their grandkids regular smartphones and iDevices outmode any cool gadgets they ever worked with….DUDE, this movie has legs. I'd take the wife on a date night for that one.

  • D.B. Cooper

    1. These two can only be successful by revisting a well liked character like Rocky, Rambo, Conan, and the Terminator.
    2. Pull a Marlon Brando by having your name before the title, then having a young actor do most of the work like Superman, Apocolypse Now, and Island of Dr. Moreau.
    3. Be the final billing. Once every actor is listed, have “And Sylvester Stallone as …..”.

    • keath

      I would love to see Tango and Cash 2-make it happen!

  • coostev

    What hurt “Escape Plan” was changing the title from the original, which was “The Tomb.” What will help Stallone and Schwarzeneggar is having them oppose each other instead of doing the buddy thing. Good idea for Expendables 4 Sly! Trench's team is paid by the CIA to waste the Expendables. After all mercinaries are in their profession for the money, not friendships! Then sequels to Commando, Tango and Cash, Demolition Man, Terminator, and a Death Race 2000 now 3000 remake starring both. Can you guys hear the ching, ching at the box office?

  • nagitava

    I got an idea, “The Rocker”
    A tale of two old men fighting over a rocking chair and the loss of any intellectual
    Acuity. Soon the battle rages at the old folks home as they vie for a bedridden female and valium.
    These guys need better plots and I can't help them.