Cory Monteith's Mom: ‘Glee’ Star is Worthy of ‘In Memoriam’ – Jack Klugman's Son is ‘Misdirected’

Cory Monteith's Mom: 'Glee' Star is Worthy of 'In Memoriam' – Jack Klugman's Son is 'Misdirected'

The 31-year-old was on a ‘path to greatness,’ says Ann McGregor

The mother of Cory Monteith says the Emmys will be too painful for her to watch, but firmly believes her late son deserves the special “In Memoriam” segment he's getting – saying the son of Jack Klugman is being unfair by suggesting otherwise.

Five individuals are getting separate segments during the Sunday night telecast, and while the “Glee” star is among them, the “Odd Couple” and “Quincy” star is not.

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Monteith's mom Ann McGregor told TMZ that her son is worthy, suggesting that age and achievement aren't everything – had he lived, she said, his acting, singing and charitable work would have put him on a path to greatness.

“If he had lived 30 more years he would have accomplished much more,” she told TMZ, adding that Adam Klugman is “misdirected” because he misses his father.

Monteith died in July from a toxic mix of drugs that included heroin and alcohol. Emmy executive producer Ken Ehrlich defended the choice last week, saying Monteith's inclusion was a nod to younger viewers, who may be less familiar with the other honorees (Jonathan Winters, Gary David Goldberg, Jean Stapleton and James Gandolfini).

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In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Klugman said the producers are: “celebrating this self-inflicted tragedy instead of celebrating the life of my father, who won three Emmys. … Cory Monteith never won an Emmy.”

After Klugman's rebuke, Ehrlich released this statement:

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show“Every generation of television viewers has its favorites, and when we decided to expand the ‘In Memoriam’ segment to remember certain individuals, we wanted these pieces to be representative as well. To a younger generation, Cory Monteith's portrayal of Finn Hudson was highly admired, and the producers felt that he should be included along with the four other individuals we have singled out.”

This is the first year the Emmys is breaking out individuals for the segment. While Klugman was considered the biggest surprise, others lamented “Dallas” star Larry Hagman's omission.

  • so what

    much ado about nothing……

  • ccchuck

    Any death, especially of a young man, is a great lose. But in playing to the young based on youth not on an enduring career reflects poorly on the Emmys, and cheapens the moment.

  • AndTheEmmyGoesTo

    Meaning – the emmy's truly only care about ratings. What a joke.

  • igits

    awesome.. let's celebrate a drug addict and disrespect the memory of a true actor. No wonder society is as screwed up as it is.

  • MySay500

    He was a drug addict. You want the youth to celebrate that?

  • MySay500

    I won't bother to watch this show.

  • laura3341

    They should just cancel ‘The Special Memoriam’ and have it like they always do..

    • RCrive7739

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      Any death, especially of a young man, is a great lose. But in playing to the young based on youth not on an enduring career reflects poorly on the Emmys, and cheapens the moment.

    • Jimmy

      Agreed. This was a mistake they should have seen coming from a mile away.

  • CM

    A blatant admission that the reason Cory's included is solely to bring in younger viewers to boost ratings. That's awful. I watch Glee and would support Cory's inclusion, but have to admit that if asked, I'd pick Jack over Cory for a special tribute as I'm also a huge Odd Couple fan.

  • A.L. Hern

    ““If [Cory] had lived 30 more years he would have accomplished much more,” she told TMZ, adding that Adam Klugman is “misdirected” because he misses his father.”

    And it's no stretch to submit that Mrs Monteith's is the REALLY “misdirected” statement because she misses her son (in this case, “misdirected” being an undeservedly polite euphemism for galling).

    We're only having this discussion because your son KILLED HIMSELF, lady, a pertinent fact that Adam Klugman was, I presume, too polite to point out.

    Jack Klugman was a smoker, something he surely came to regret after throat cancer cost him much of the voice that was so much a part of the great power he had as an actor. In one of Klugman's signature roles, as Dr Quincy, the crusading medical examiner, Klugman took on issues — such as the very kind of addictions that killed Cory Monteith — even as he had to constantly battle network and studio executives to tackle issues they wanted watered-down.

    Even disregarding Klugman's fifty-some-odd-year career, versus Montheith's comparatively minutes-long time in the spotlight, which of these two men served — and that's the word, served — the interests of audiences more: the dedicated artist who had to fight to practice his art as well as he knew it could be practiced, or the arriviste who died in a toxic stew that he, and he alone, brewed for himself?

    • laura3341

      Nicely said! I hope she reads this but i doubt it…

  • Teri Owen

    Always best to praise a self destructive heroin addict over a 3 time Emmy winner…yeah that'll bring in the younger crowd! Disrespectful!!!!

  • rick

    i agree with you IS disrespectful and disgusting…the brains over at the Emmys are saying to the younger kids…its ok if you use drugs…look what you get!

  • tiffany

    Of course his mother thinks that. She is grieving, she is his mother. What else would she say?

  • greaser1977

    what a nightmare of a decision….

  • Jimmy

    Everyone thinks their deceased loved one is more deserving, which is why it was a mistake for the Academy to do this. They should have stuck with the simple list and be done with it. It wouldn't have stopped the whiners who think the Emmy Awards are always a disaster, especially over at Nikki FInke's childish snarkfest, but the TV Academy should just stop worrying about trying to please everyone — they will always lose that fight.

    • laura3341


    • Julia Jafari


  • Jason

    I'm sorry, all this attention on Cory Monteith is ridiculous. Better people die everyday- in Hollywood and out of it. He was just another addict

  • hupto

    In the meantime, anybody wanna bet a man of genuine influence and artistry–Richard Matheson–doesn't even make the regular Memoriam reel?

    • patrickstibbs

      THANK YOU, hupto, I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Then again, writers are never given their just rewards anyway.

      RIP, Mr. Matheson – say hi to Serling and Beaumont for us all.

  • Banner

    Sorry mother, I disagree with you. Making a hero out of someone who committed a crime & killed himself is sending the wrong message to everyone!

  • Lynaia

    It's disrespectful, even if you disagree, to complain about a choice that was made. Cory had an addiction; he made a stupid decision that completely changed his life. We ALL make mistakes. Some just have more impact than others. Cory's role on “Glee” was very inspirational to young adults, including myself. It was wrong to not include an actor with the such a successful career, but don't take it out on the Cory and his family. That's just as wrong.

  • dannyjude63

    “Monteith’s mom Ann McGregor told TMZ that her son is worthy, suggesting that age and achievement aren’t everything.” I grant you that age may not be, but achievement IS everything at the Emmy's! Jack Klugman was a great Emmy winning star for decades. Cory Montieth was on one show for which he was never nominated. I'm not saying he didn't deserve to be included in the montage of celebrities who passed over the year, but to be MORE honored than Mr. Klugman is absurd and inappropriate.

  • Reality.Bites

    When Cory died, it was in the press for days. People around the world mourned. There were vigils in cities around the world.

    His career can't compare to Jack Klugman's or Larry Hagman (who, let's face it, would have been the fifth person if it wasn't for Cory, not Jack). But his death had a hell of a lot more impact on a hell of a lot more people than that of a 90-year-old man.

    Perhaps though, the best justification for honouring Jack Klugman over Cory or Larry Hagman was that most of his fans had already forgotten whether or not he was still alive, or thought he died years ago.

  • Joey Littlefield

    The thing that bugs me about everyone bitching that he was just some dumb drug addict that didn't deserve anything, is that there is a reason why everyone is talking about him and that is because he touched a lot of people's life in the short time he was here. Why is it that drug addicts like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston any different. Did Cory need to have hit records to become a legend druggie? The point is, he was human being worthy of people missing him and celebrating the good things he did, not the addiction that killed him. He was a brother, son, boyfriend, friend, co-worker. Why is the addiction defining him. You should be sad that drugs took another human being. Sad that he couldn't get over it. It's human kindness. It should be a reminder on how we need to get control over addiction. This is a teaching moment. Not a discard this human life. Shame on you people. I bet you every single one of you has a family member battling some form of addiction. If they lost their life, you wouldn't say “Oh well, druggie loser” no, you would be sad and hurt. If can't atleast let it be or help some other person struggling, then don't say anything at all. The internet is just a way for people to hide behind a computer and say horrible things about others. Try being a human, an American or just kind.