George Zimmerman Tells CNN's Chris Cuomo He Was A Victim During Intense Interview (Video)

George Zimmerman Tells CNN's Chris Cuomo He Was A Victim During Intense Interview (Video)

Appearing on CNN, Zimmerman evaded answering whether he regretted killing Trayvon Martin

CNN “New Day” host Chris Cuomo spoke with George Zimmerman in an interview Monday and pressed him over whether he had any remorse over the death of Trayvon Martin.

“Do you regret that you killed Trayvon Martin?” Cuomo asked.

“Unfortunately, the Department of Justice is conducting a civil rights investigation,” Zimmerman replied. “Certainly, I think about that night  — I think my life would be tremendously easier if I stayed home.”

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“If you could do it again, would you have stayed home?” Cuomo pressed.

“Certainly, in hindsight, absolutely,” Zimmerman said.

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Zimmerman acknowledged that he was not haunted by the night of Martin's killing but stressed that he had apologized to Martin's family. He also argued that he should be also be considered a victim.

“I certainly was a victim when I was having my head bashed into the concrete and my nose broken and beaten,” Zimmerman said. “So I wouldn't say I was not a victim.”

Watch Cuomo's interview with Zimmerman below via CNN:

  • Fandango

    I'm very disappointed in Chris Cuomo's interview, I had alot of respect for him before. This is very poor journalism and very BIAS. He left out alot of important facts. This includes, public out cry was ONLY because of Al Sharpton, NCAAP..etc. This would not have even made state news if it were not for those IDIOTS!

    The prosecutor in this case has serious judgement issues, including throwing a lady in jail for 15-25 years for firing a warning shot at her husband.

    It is what it is, a thug kid attacks a neighborhood watchman, watchman shoots thug. I'm not white or black, but that is what it is… The states BEST prosecutor tried this case and even a black lady was on jury. What more do you want???


    One more note, every day black kids kill each other on the streets. Where is Al Sharpton, NCAAP???? What are those kids names????

    • Daniel

      I am very disappointed in you. No matter how many words you right in caps it won't make you message stronger. He was asked not to follow the kid and he did anyways. He was looking for trouble.

      • Fandango

        LOL.. You are disappointed with me? You dont even know me.

        It just to show you how IGNORANT you and many Martin supporters are. You dont know the facts. Zimmerman was told by 911 operator that he didnt need to follow Martin. At the same time, the 911 operator asked him many times, where is Martin? So how can you have it both ways. How can you tell where Martin is without following him.

        The jury has spoken! You take your chances when you decide to use your fist and not your head. As one juror put it, he could have simply just gone home and there would be no issue. Also, Martin has a history of getting into street fights. And he was trying to buy a gun before his death. All he had to do was go home or respond to Zimmerman.. “I live here..” and it would be case close.

        • Regina Taylor

          The lies you claim about Trayvon was not evidence.And as far as your multiple choice questions are concerned,you were not a witness, you just choose to believe the killer. I don't. Remember, no matter how flat you make a pancake,it still has two sides. Z got lucky. He killed the only one that could tell the other side.Piss on him.

          • Fandango

            LOL.. You were not their either! I believe justice was served. He got a fair trail. The best took a shot at him and lost. Nobody deserves to die like this… but when you take the “thug” approach, expect “thug” consequences. He would have ended up in jail for a very long time for assault on Zimmerman if he had lived anyways. Ironically, those who support TM would never want to live next to that fool.

          • ttoe

            LOLOL, might be true that nobody would want to live near Trayvon, but in Trayvon's defense, he might have just been a stupid teenager that would have grown out of his aggression in the next few years when real life finally came down on him.

            It's just sad that he got himself killed when growing up was probably just around the corner for him.

          • Malide Antoine

            Google Dr Bao, the dr who testify for the state. The state was not trying to win the case, they purposely threw it. Dr Bao was ready to testify based on autopsy evidence TM coudn't be on top, the state stopped him. No one attended his autopsy and all they complain about was this was a waste of time and money cuz TM was a fucking thug. GZ is a judge son and a saint cuz he did society a favor by eliminating a threat to the white society. With his high GPA and athleticism he could of made something of himself, become a millionaire, play professional sports or even become the potus…. but nopppp another former slave can't and won't outperform ya, good job GZ

          • ttoe

            And you chose to believe . . . well, racists like Al Sharpton because everyone but a couple who actually witnessed the event corroborated Zimmerman's account, and the two who didn't, one was NOT corroborated by the forensic findings, and the other couldn't see enough to know.

        • Daniel

          Bottom line for me is that he killed a kid and the whole thing could have been avoided. Both parties were at fault and I don't think that Martin didn't play his part but he didn't deserve to die. Zimmerman is taking advantage now by doing interviews and doing some promotional boxing fight. Makes me sick he is milking as much fame as he can out of this tragedy.

      • ttoe

        Yeah, because approaching a black kid, or any black person at night . . . white people should be held accountable for whatever happens because black people's brains are not developed enough to know that they shouldn't act violently, is that right?

        • Daniel

          You put a lot of words together and formed a sentence yet said nothing. Not sure what you are talking about but zimmerman isn't white as far as I can tell.

    • ttoe

      Where was Al Sharpton that day when three black kids Trayvon's age hunted down and murdered a white jogger because, and I qoute, they “were bored?”

      Blaming white people for racism and manipulating the black American community to get all worked up gives people like Sharpton a nice bonus check.

      It also helps democrats, and Democrats have a lot of clout with everyone except Fox News.

      • Fandango

        Right on brother… Its all about ratings and that is sad. Since Martins murder, tens of thousands of kids were killed. There is NOTHING special about this case to get the attention it has.

        • ttoe

          Yeah there is. It was a perfect case for which racists to bring a lot of money and to solidify some political power.

          If Zimmerman had just been a few shades darker, this wouldn't have even been half the issue it was.

          What Zimmerman is really guilty of is not expressing enough Native American genes to give a few more shades of tan.

  • Roger Rocky Scobey

    These journalists are a joke. Martin was slamming Zimmerman's head into concrete and they imply that Zimmerman acted too quickly to save his own life. Geez!!!!

    • ttoe

      Well, they're liberal. Liberals think that victims should go to jail when the criminal attacking them gets hurt.

      This kind of nonsense happens all of the time in CA, the liberal capital of the U.S., and the one who's economy is always threatening to crash and burn at every slight economic downturn.

      • Daniel

        Actually CA is pretty split when is comes to conservatives and liberals, liberal just out number a little. We did pass prop 8 but that got shut down, thank god. The California economy went under during Arnold's reign by the way.

  • WI Maggie

    Bottom line is Zimmerman initiated the confrontation after being told to stay in the car. He didn't, was losing the fight he started and murdered a 17 yr old for minding his own business. He should rot in Hell. He is a victim of his own doing.

    • Fandango

      LOL. 911 operators can not tell people not to do something that is “LEGAL”.

      • Guest

        Yeah, a lot of people don't seem to get the fact that it's perfectly legal to walk up to anyone any time of the night or day and ask them what they are doing there, or even just say hi, or even to accuse them of robbing places.

        If, in-turn, they decide to attack you for what you say, it's their own fault.

        That's worst-case, of course.

        I watched the case. Zimmerman seems like someone who was, in fact, telling the truth. He seems, based one what was said regarding him, that he was an upstanding member of his community who aspired to become an even more upstanding member of his community.

        So when all I have is Zimmerman's word, and he says the same story consistently over 6 different times, and on record, then I have no reason not to believe his account.

        I have no reason to think that he'd hunt down and murder a child, even IF he was racist. Furthermore, I have no reason to think him to be racist at all, much less violently racist.

        So, my only alternative is to think that he's probably being honest about what happened, and its probably went down roughly the way he said it did.

        This is why I believe Zimmerman's account, and why I believe Zimmerman was the victim in this, and is continuing to be victimized and slandered by people who are either racist and can only see color or are too accustomed to allowing others to do their thinking and refuse to think for themselves.

      • ttoe

        Yeah, a lot of people don't seem to get that it's perfectly legal to walk up to anyone anytime, day or night and ask them what they are doing there, or even to say hi, or even to accuse them of robbing places.

        And if they attack you because of what you say, it's their own fault.

        Now, I'm not saying Zimmerman said anything at all because I wasn't there, and according to Zimmerman, he was just looking for a street sign to find the name, but I am saying that Zimmerman is perfectly within his rights to approach Trayvon, no matter what that 911 operator said.

        When all I have is Zimmerman's word, then I have to base what I suspect about his guilt on what I can learn about him. And I watched that case, every witness that said anything about his character, even the prosecution's witnesses, especially the prosecution's witnesses kept making Zimmerman look like an honest upstanding member of his community who aspired to be an even more upstanding member of his community.

        So, based on the witness accounts of Zimmerman's character, I have no reason to believe that Zimmerman would lie about what happened, I have even less reason to think that Zimmerman would hunt down and murder a child, even IF he was indeed racist, and furthermore I have no reason to think Zimmerman's actually racist, much less violently racist.

        So, based on the evidence I have no reason to assume Zimmerman's account, that he gave 6 different times, on record, isn't at the very least a rough depiction of what really happened that night.

        This is why I believe that Zimmerman is the victim here of the youthful indiscretion of a teenager who preferred to talk with his fists that night, and continues to be the victim of both racists who profit from racial discord and those who are so accustomed to having others do their thinking for them that they are too lazy to find the real information and do the thinking for themselves.

    • ttoe

      Yeah, when will those white people ever learn, you don't approach a black person in the middle of the night.

      Zimmerman should rot in hell because he broke the worst law of all. He approached a black person at night.

      It's really Zimmerman's own fault that he was attacked, and thus, he should be held responsible for having to defend himself with lethal force.

      Zimmerman's white, so he should know better.

      You don't go approaching some strange animal at night, so why would Zimmerman ever think it was okay to approach a black person at night.

      Do you see how racist you sound Maggie?

      • Fandango

        Nice dude…. Trajically, its amazing how much media can influence the public. Im amazed how divided people are on this case. Most dont fully understand the facts or law. Chris Coamo (or A-hole) is a complete ASS!

        • ttoe

          Well, in his defense, he works for CNN, and CNN leans left, and black racists have a lot of power amongst Democrats, who in turn have a lot of power in news media. In fact, all of them lean left except Fox News, which leans right.

          Cuamo might be trying to make his bosses and their funding holes happy.

          • pete75

            What is it with morons like this “ttoe” character, and those like him? Are they really so stupid that they cannot see, and understand what happens before their very eyes.? Of course, except for the few who are severely retarded, they know and can perceive the truth. The problem is that like most Whites, they suffer from denial of their racism, anytime race is part of the action.

            They must deny, because to face the truth, they have to face how morally putrid, and thoroughly reprehensible they and their sick, racist minds are. If anyone denies that there is not an overwhelming stench of racism in this country, just examine American History, as well as current conditions, starting with the Black President.

  • pete75

    Once upon a time, there was a pig face, lowlife coward by the name of George Zimmerman, who was born into a country contaminated with pond scum, like himself. This excuse for a human killed a child, and was freed by those who had to share much his disregard for the value of this boy's life.

    I don't have the end to this story, but if there is justice in this world; It is my hope that this animal will meet the same fate as the Black child that he has no regret for killing.

  • Malide Antoine

    He is always the victim, every body else is the aggressor… The cops, Trayvon, his wife, his father in law, his girlfriend etc… In all those scenario there seem to be one common denominator