Fox News to Air Ad Disclosing $1M GOP Donation — Once!

Spot produced by liberal watchdog group Media Matters to run on FNC — once — during O'Reilly's “Factor”

After a few weeks of hemming and hawing, Fox News has agreed to air a 30-second commercial, produced by Media Matters, disclosing to prime-time viewers News Corp.’s $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association.

The spot will air during Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor,” according to Media Matters.

Fox had initially refused to run the ad because of objections to language — specifically, that News Corp. had refused to disclose the donation to Fox viewers.

The edited version (above) states introduces the ad is “about a story that's not yet been covered on Fox News primetime.”

However, it appears to be a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it situation. According to Media Matters, Fox plans to air the ad just once.

Meanwhile, Paul Rittenberg, Fox News’ EVP of ad sales, said this in a statement: “We are glad Media Matters has recognized the value of the upscale Fox News audience and is willing to pay rate-card to reach it."

What is that rate-card rate? According to Fox, it's $35,000.

  • Midcpro

    I would tend to agree with Rocketeer, so I don't see what the problem is. How many times would be enough for those who think once is not enough? Also, I don't see that is Fox News paying for the ad time, it's Media Matters. Fox has agreed to air the spot, and I'm not sure it will sway the opinion or emotions of anyone that watches it.
    Also, it's silly to repeat unfounded rhetoric about Fox being the extremist right wing arm of the Republican party mouthpiece. Just silly.

  • TheSunDanzaKid

    Democrats: News Corp.'s $1M Gift to GOP Kills Fox News’ Credibility

  • Son of Squidward

    How is it that when the liberal media donate to their Democratic darlings no one seems to care?