21st Century Fox TV’s Casey Kyber Moves to Drama Development as VP

She was previously a senior vice president on the Research and Marketing side

Casey Kyber is moving from Research to Drama Development at 21st Century Fox Television, effective immediately.

Kyber will report to Development chief Michael Thorn, where she joins Chloe Dan and Jenna Dim. In her new post, Kyber will work with writers on the studio’s roster to develop new projects, from their inception to series order.

In her previous position, a senior vice president role, Kyber oversaw the studio’s primary and secondary research efforts, from providing ratings analysis and tracking series awareness, to leading focus-group testing of both new and returning shows. She worked with the studio’s executives and producers during the pilot development season and throughout the year to gather valuable audience feedback about the studio’s projects and provide guidance as to possible areas for creative adjustment.

Kyber had also collaborated with the research departments of each of the major networks and cable channels, collaborating regularly on a wide variety of research initiatives.

“Casey has been a trusted advisor to our development and current programming departments for years, and she’s been an invaluable resource to our creators literally from the first draft of their pilots,” Jonathan Davis, president of creative affairs, said on Thursday. “She has a laser-like ability to hone in on exactly what could improve or trip up any project, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the landscape.”

“Her background in research makes her the perfect addition to our already formidable team, because she’ll come at the development process from an entirely new angle. She’s also beloved, both at this company and in the community,” he continued. “Michael and I are thrilled that she accepted our invitation to become even more involved in creating our next generation of hit programming.”

Kyber began her career at CBS in 1997 as a college intern in the research department, eventually taking a full-time research analyst position with the network. She joined TCFTV in 2000 as a manager in research and marketing.