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5 Most Impressive ‘Undateable’ Live Moments: From Ed Sheeran’s Open Mic to Minnie Driver Flirting

NBC comedy from executive producer Bill Lawrence reunites ”Scrubs“ stars Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn and Christa Miller

(Spoiler alert: Please don’t read if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s “Undateable” Live)

NBC’s “Undateable” made the daring move on Tuesday of airing not one but two live telecasts for both the east and the west coasts.

While it sounded risky for the sophomore Chris D’elia sitcom starring fellow standup comics Brent Morin, Rick Glassman and Ron Funches, the show pulled it off in fine form with the help of guest stars Zach BraffDonald Faison, Neil Flynn, Christa Miller, Kate Walsh, Victoria JusticeMinnie Driver, Dr. Drew Pinskey and a surprise performance from Ed Sheeran.

A common factor for the episode titled “A Live Show Walks Into a Bar” was “Undateable” executive producer Bill Lawrence, who was co-creator on “Scrubs” and “Cougar Town,” shows which many of the special guests appeared on.

Despite a few flubbed lines, impromptu giggles and awkward silences, the “Undateable” live experiment was a huge hit with fans on social media.

Check out the most memorable moments and positive tweets below.

Ed Sheeran performs at the Black Eyes Bar open mic

The British singer seemed to be a hit with the crowd when he sang on open mic night, but he was hustled off the stage after reaching the “one song max” and told by Justin (Brent Morin): “I wouldn’t quit your day job … what is your day job?” Undeterred, Sheeran threatens to teach Justin’s sister “how to butter a crumpet.”

We all dream of Scott Foley 

While discussing the flesh factor of “Scandal,” Brett (David Fynn) revealed “coincidentally, Scott Foley visited my dreams last night.” When asked if he’ll be back tonight, he quipped: “No, no, he’s exhausted.” But later it’s Justin who Foley really appeared to and caused him to get lost in his eyes. However, you can’t expect even the veteran actor to remember all the character’s names as he flubbed a line and called Justin “Danny” while dishing out dating advice.

Minnie Drive and Christa Miller hit the bar … and hit on Shelly

Shelly (Funches) got lucky when two hot women — namely Minnie Driver and Christa Miller — demanded to be served by “the black Winnie the Pooh.” They tell him that if he can guess their names, they’ll take him home “for sexy time all night long”  … and then immediately told him their names.

Neil Flynn reveals why he’s a bad tipper, Zach Braff orders an appletini

The former “Scrubs” actor who played the grumpy janitor was just as dry-witted when he explained to Brett why Shelly gets much bigger tips than he does. Hint: it’s to do with getting stoned and raccoons. Meanwhile, Zach Braff and Donald Faison popped into the bar and ordered J.D.’s favorite drink, an appletini.

Dr Drew gives Brett a self esteem pep talk

After Brett beats himself up for “being bad at everything … I am not even good at being gay,” Dr Drew stepped in and expressed his concern, but still swindled the guys out of $150.

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