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‘9-1-1’ Season 3 Premiere: Buck May Be Stuck on Desk Duty – and He’s Definitely Pissed (Exclusive Video)

It doesn’t help that Bobby has to deliver the news

If you thought Buck wouldn’t be able to rejoin the Station 118 crew after having his legs crushed on the “9-1-1” Season 2 finale, well, you were right. Kinda.

In a sneak peek from Monday’s premiere of the Fox first-responder drama’s third season, which is exclusive to TheWrap, Buck (Oliver Stark) finds out from Bobby (Peter Krause) that even though by some miracle he’s up and walking.

“Do I need the hospital to sign some kind of form or anything, you know, for the department, for my clearance,” Buck asks his captain while the two are walking around a hospital. “Um,  well, you’re not clear, Buck. Not yet,” Bobby responds.

Oh, no. Buck reminds him he’s apparently passed his physical and recertification test. But that’s not gonna do it.

“It’s the blood thinners,” Bobby says. “The department is concerned about liability issues and since the doctors haven’t figured out what’s causing the clots…”

“You know how hard I have worked for this,” Buck says. “They can’t do this to me. You, you can’t let them take away my job.”

“We’re not. You were injured in the line of duty and no one is forgetting that,” Bobby assures him. “Chief Alonso thinks that in a few weeks if you’re doing OK on the meds he can clear you for light duty.”

Uh, light duty means a “desk job” and Buck is visibly pissed at that news.

Watch the video above.

“9-1-1” Season 3 premieres tonight, Monday, at 8/7c on Fox.