To Err Is Human – and That’s What Makes Human Creativity in the Age of AI Divine | PRO Insight

Embracing our fallibility may be the only way to turn the tide on the coming wave of robotic content authoring

Just over a week ago, I attended an AI-focused entertainment industry event hosted by the nonprofit AI LA. It was the first formal event of its nature I’d gone to, so I had no idea what to expect when I arrived: I guessed 10, 20, maybe 50 people might show. 

Turns out it was a standing-room-only, mostly hipster crowd closer to 300, including 16 AI artists, buzzing with a combination of nervous energy and excitement as they sipped their martinis and contemplated what AI ultimately means for them and their careers in the entertainment business. Keep in mind that it’s only been two months since ChatGPT set the media and entertainment world on fire, so the crowd was, to me, an indicator of the topic’s enduring buzz.

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Peter Csathy

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