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New ‘Andre the Giant’ Trailer Reveals Sad Side of Gentle Wrestler: ‘He Would Cry’ (Video)

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WWF (now WWE) legend Andre the Giant was a gentle soul — he just happened to be 7’4” and more than 500 pounds. But the enormous professional wrestler had a darker side, a sadder part to his existence.

“People would not leave him alone,” WCW and WWF icon Ric Flair remembers in a new trailer for Bill Simmons’ upcoming HBO documentary about Hulk Hogan’s larger-than-life rival.

“They were making fun of him,” “Mean” Gene Okerlund added. “He would cry.”

And yes, Andre was huge.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, no pencil-neck himself, recalled the time the “Princess Bride” star snatched the bodybuilder out of a chair and held him “like a little doll.”

It seems everyone’s got an Andre story. Watch the trailer above for more.

“Andre the Giant” debuts April 10 on HBO.