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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Moviegoer Dies While Watching Film (Report)

Theater staff initially thought that 43-year-old man was waiting for the post-credits scene, report says

A 43-year-old man in India died this week during a screening of “Avengers: Infinity War,”  The Times of India reports. Theater staff initially thought he was waiting for the post-credits sequence, the newspaper said.

According to the Times, mason worker Peddapasupula Baasha died during a screening of the film on Tuesday at Cinehub Multiplex, located in Proddatur, in the Kadapa district of Andrha Pradesh.

Police believe that Baasha might have died of a cardiac arrest or natural causes. His body was transported to a hospital for a post-mortem examination, and an investigation is ongoing.

According to the Times, Baasha “was found sitting without any movement,” and theater staff at first thought that he was was waiting for the post-credits scene.

“When they removed his 3D glasses, officials realized that he died with his eyes open,” the paper reported.