Topless Woman Charges at Bill Cosby on First Day of His Retrial (Video)

Protester with “Women’s Lives Matter” written on her body jumped over barricade outside of Pennsylvania courthouse

bill cosby retrial topless protester
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The first day of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial started off with a topless woman charging at the comedian before he entered a Philadelphia courthouse Monday.

According to the Associated Press, a protester with “Women’s Lives Matter” — among several other words, including women’s names — written across her chest, hopped over a barricade and came within a few feet of Cosby before he entered the building.

The woman was intercepted by sheriff’s deputies and taken away in handcuffs after running toward TV cameras in front of the comedian.

The Montgomery County district attorney’s office said in a press release that the protester, 39-year-old Nicolle Rochelle of Little Falls, New Jersey, was charged with disorderly conduct stemming from the incident. If convicted, she will be assessed a fine and be required to pay court costs.

The Associated Press identified Rochelle as having appeared on “several episodes” of “The Cosby Show.”

According to the AP, the protester was one of several outside of the courthouse and Cosby “appeared startled by the commotion.”

The incident occurred before opening statements were given on Day 1 of the sexual assault retrial, which were delayed as the judge presiding over the case reviewed accusations that arose late on Friday that one juror had told a woman during jury selection he believed Cosby to be guilt.

The comedian’s lawyers asked that that juror be removed from the case.

Watch a clip of the protester charging at Cosby, tweeted by AP reporter Mike Sisak, below.