Brian Tyree Henry Reunites With ‘Widows’ Canine Co-Star Olivia the Dog (Video)

“She was actually one of the best co-stars I’ve ever had,” the actor jokes

Brian Tyree Henry is blowing up, but maybe not as much as his co-star Olivia in his latest film “Widows.” That’s because Olivia happens to be a dog.

Tyree Henry reunited with his furry co-star on the set of “Busy Tonight,” hosted by Busy Philipps on Sunday where she scampered out onto the talk show set and leapt to join them on the couch. Tyree Henry was surprised as the rest of us at how quickly this white Westie has gained fame over the past few months.

“She’s got like, articles about her online,” Tyree Henry told Philipps. He’s right, like this one.

Tyree Henry said that Olivia was one of the best co-stars he’s ever worked with, having fed her baloney and petting her in between takes, and even soothing her about the intense scene that they were about to film. Which is good, because as Tyree Henry notes, and without spoiling anything specific, he is not kind to the dog in the movie.

“I’m so awful to this dog in this movie,” he said. “She’s clearly acting her face off in this movie.”

Olivia also appeared in this year’s “Game Night” and in Netflix’s “Insatiable.” She’s a three-year-old, 15-pound Westie. Watch Olivia and Tyree Henry’s cute reunion on “Busy Tonight” above.