‘Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Schools Son on How to Bake His Way Into Girl’s Heart (Exclusive Video)

Consider Claire’s heart a done deal, Marco

It’s Valentine’s Day on TLC’s “Cake Boss,” and Buddy is helping his son Marco score major points with classmate and kid-crush Claire.

Buddy’s strategy? Bake her a cake, off course. The two Valastro boys went with a heart-shaped vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting for the young lady. The two layers had a plastering of vanilla frosting in the middle as well, of course.¬†Beats the hell out of those little candy hearts with phrases¬†on them, right ladies?

Later, the Cake Boss teaches his boy the secret to creating those cool little edible flowers to top it all off, setting a lofty precedent for every subsequent girlfriend the young Marco ever has.

“Cake Boss” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Watch the video: