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Hollywood Reacts to Charlottesville Protest Violence: ‘F–k These Nazi Motherf–kers’

Seth Rogen, Rob Reiner and others weigh in on the unrest

As violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday morning during a protest held by white nationalists, Hollywood denizens took to social media to register their disgust over the violence.

Actor Seth Rogen bluntly declared, “By the way, f–k these nazi motherf–kers,” adding the hashtag, “#Charlottesville.”

Rob Reiner was more balanced in his reaction, though he squarely put the blame for the situation at President Donald Trump’s feet.

“Let’s be clear. The hatred we’re seeing in Virginia lies at the feet of Donald Trump. Stoked during the campaign,his silence condones this,” Reiner wrote.

Actor Michael Rapaport posted an impassioned speech condemning the “Tiki Torch Tough Guys” who gathered in Charlottesville on Friday night, declaring in a video, “You little coffee-cup carrying white nationalists, you ain’t sh-t.”

“American Gods” producer Bryan Fuller, meanwhile, offered a whimsical take on the situation.

“I DREAM OF @Lesdoggg RIDING A DRAGON OVER THE CROWD OF NAZIS IN VIRGINIA COMMANDING “DRACARYS,” Fuller wrote, referring to “Saturday Night Live” actress Leslie Jones, who has been a target of harassment by right-wing factions on social media.