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Colbert Tries to Imagine How Trump’s Brain Will Figure Out When to Reopen the Country (Video)

Spoiler: ”The Late Show“ host doesn’t much care for POTUS

On Monday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert had an amusing video depicting his show’s version of what’s going on in Donald Trump’s head as he tries to figure out when and how to reopen the country from the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

The clip was inspired by comments Trump made during his daily coronavirus press briefing. As Trump discussed his economic task force, he said he hoped he will figure out a way to reopen large sections of the country by the beginning of May. (Trump remains at odds about this timeline with his scientific advisers, who assert that without widespread testing and tracing, reopening the country will likely just cause the spread of coronavirus to increase.)

Trump called the issue of reopening the country the “biggest decision of my life.” And when asked by a reporter what thought process he’ll use to make that decision, he said “The metrics right here,” while pointing to his head. “That’s my metrics. That’s all I can do. I can listen to 35 people. At the end, I’ve got to make a decision.”

That’s when Colbert’s video clip took an imaginary trip into Trump’s brain, where we see a monkey typing on a laptop, a monkey using an abacus, a cat typing on a MacBook, and a chicken pecking at a box labeled “thinking booth.”

Watch the whole clip below: