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Content Execs at TheGrill: The Future Is in the Cloud (Video)

John Calkins, Thomas Gewecke and Jim Lanzone explain why simpler is better in the content-ownership world

At TheGrill conference on Tuesday, Sony's John Calkins, Warner Bros.' Thomas Gewecke and CBS' Jim Lanzone weight in on where the notion of where content ownership is heading in this increasingly digital age.

The trio's conclusion? It's heading for the clouds.

As Gewecke sees it, consumers are craving a system that allows them to acquire, store and keep track of their content in the simplest form possible — and the solution resides in a cloud-based system.

"What we're trying to do is make it as simple as possible," Gewecke said. "The research suggests that the consumers are confused about how to make ownership work in this digital age. We want to make it really, really simple so that it's easier to go find the movies you want."

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