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CRTV Host of Doctored Ocasio-Cortez Video Doubles Down: ‘I’m Not Going to Apologize’ (Video)

”It’s ok for someone who doesn’t hate Donald Trump to tell a joke,“ says Allie Beth Stuckey

CRTV host Allie Beth Stuckey said she won’t apologize for a satirical video she made of her “interviewing” Democratic Socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In a defiant video that was recorded from a moving car, Stuckey refused to back down on the doctored video and said journalists and “liberal blue check marks” who had flooded her inbox demanding a walk-back would be disappointed.

“I am not going to apologize because I am not sorry,” she said. “It’s OK for someone who doesn’t hate Donald Trump to tell a joke.”

“It’s OK for a conservative to use humor,” she added. “Were we trying to deceptively portray Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? No, we weren’t and I think the vast majority of viewers thankfully recognized that and for those out there that are manufacturing hypocritical outrage over this? Keep being mad because [I’m] not going to stop any time soon.”

CRTV is an upstart conservative media organization owned by Fox News host Mark Levin. Fox News did not immediately respond to request for comment on the story.

On Tuesday, Stuckey and CRTV sparked outrage in some quarters for a faux mashup interview between her and Ocasio-Cortez. The footage of the candidate was taken from her widely viewed interview on PBS’s “Firing Line” with Margaret Hoover.

The joke was that Ocasio-Cortez was unable to answer basic questions. But critics were not pleased, saying that the video should have been more clearly labeled as satire and that the over 1 million people who viewed it on Facebook and Twitter could be misled into thinking that it was real.

Ocasio herself led the pushback to the video.

“Republicans are so scared of me that they’re faking videos and presenting them as real on Facebook because they can’t deal with reality anymore,” she said.