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Dave Bautista’s Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Special Looks TERRIBLE (Video)

Wrestler-turned-actor should have stopped there

Anything Kumail Nanjiani can do, his “Stuber” co-star Dave Bautista can do better. Well, except for stand-up comedy, if his (fake) Netflix special is any indication. There are probably other things too, to be honest.

On Wednesday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the former WWE Superstar let ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel exclusively debut the trailer for his (again, phony) Netflix stand-up comedy special. The real man behind pro-wrestling character “The Animal” Batista has never done stand-up before, but he said Netflix offered him $10 million to give it a shot.

That number perked Kumail’s ears up. After all, he’s a real — and successful — stand-up comic.

Kimmel’s clip of Bautista’s special, appropriately titled “I’ve Never Done This Before,” is about as tough to watch as you might imagine. The taping’s audience just sits there stone-faced as Dave does impressions of his family members and butchers a “Knock, Knock” joke, among other hacky bits.

One brave (read: stupid) soul heckles the man behind “Guardians of the Galaxy” character Drax — dumb move, doofus.

Watch the video above. Ooph.

“Stuber” races into theaters tomorrow, the same day Dave’s faux Netflix special supposedly does.