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David Hasselhoff Will Break Your Brain With His New Song ‘True Survivor’ (Video)

”Knight Rider“ vet cavorts with dinosaurs and busts out sweet martial arts moves while belting out a cheesy ’80s-esque tune

Improbable as it seems, David Hasselhoff has found a project more ludicrous than “Sharknado 3” to insert himself into.

Behold, Hasselhoff’s new music video for “True Survivor,” the lead track from the upcoming film “Kung Fury.”

It starts with Hasselhoff cruising up to a group of young tough guys in a cop car to question them, only to be flipped into the air, car and all, by one of the thugs, who uses his skateboard as leverage.

Hasselhoff somehow guns down his foes while in midair. Then things get really weird.

Dinosaurs. A giant viking. Explosions galore. And Hasselhoff himself, strutting  and preening across the screen like “Knight Rider” was still going strong. We doubt the Hoff himself could have dreamed this up even during his most delirious cheeseburger binge.

The Kickstarter-funded “Kung Fury” is described as “a visually spectacular action comedy that has its foundation in ’80s cop movies.”

The “True Survivor” clip itself probably defies description, but go ahead and give it a shot in the comments section after you’ve watched the video.