‘Deadpool’ Star Ed Skrein Praises Ryan Reynolds as ‘Master of One-Liners’ (Video)

“I’d walk off and have to bite my knuckles to not laugh while the set was still going,” actor tells TheWrap during newest episode of “Drinking with the Stars”

Ed Skrein will be seen beating up bad guys in “The Transporter Refueled” this weekend, but the actor told TheWrap during the latest “Drinking with the Stars” that he was no match for Ryan Reynolds‘ wit while filming Fox’s highly anticipated superhero film “Deadpool.”

“Ryan is the master of one-liners,” Skrein told host Greg Gilman. “I’d walk off and have to bite my knuckles to not laugh while the set was still going. Then they’d yell ‘Cut!’ and everyone would start howling and laughing.”

Based on the Marvel comics of the same name, the film follows Wade Wilson (Reynolds), a former Special Forces soldier who develops terminal cancer. He then undergoes an experimental treatment that cures him and give him superhuman abilities, but leaves him permanently scarred.

Skrein plays villain Ajax, an enforcer at the laboratory where Wilson receives his powers. The trailer shows Ajax and Wilson will eventually square off, so how did the action compare to the carefully choreographed sequences in “Transporter Refueled”?

“We shot them in two entirely different ways,” he said. “With ‘Transporter,’ you’re going to see a lot of sequences where you have continuous beats. So we didn’t have to cut so you could punch someone a hundred feet across, or lift someone up and throw a tanker at them or throw a car at them.”

“‘Deadpool’ we shot entirely differently,” Skrein continued. “We would tailor each shot for each impact.”

“Deadpool” opens in theaters on Feb. 12, 2016, while the latest “Transporter” is already in theaters.

Watch Skrein talking about “Deadpool” above, then watch him talk about his “Transporter Refueled” stunts and training in another “Drinking with the Stars” below.