‘Doctor Who’ Ends the Season With a (Big) Bang

It was big on the whimsy and sentiment, and shoddy on the science — but Matt Smith has really proved his doctorial mettle

Following from the cliffhanger of the previous episode "The Pandorica Opens," we encounter "The Big Bang." Part Deux, to be more correct.

As with any "Doctor Who" episode you have to pay close attention to the details. This is ever so much more the case with the season-ender.

The story unfolds a complete reboot of our entire reality because the exploding TARDIS effectively collapsed all history, and all existence, at all points in time and space. This unlikely premise seems crazy, but is explained, provided you pay attention and think.

But don’t think too hard, because the story, like the entire fairytale season preceding it, plays on the innate importance of imagination, memory and myth.

There is a lot of time jumping, and alternate timelines, which makes one question the many paradoxes of time travel. Can you really meet your future or past self? Perhaps only in the mythology of the Whoverse is that possible.

And so our characters are now living in the reality of the Universe created by Big Bang Two, which is very like the Universe of Big Bang One. What this means exactly is anyone’s guess. It's hard to say what the ramifications of the second Big Bang will be. It could be used as a way to undo some things from the RTD era or to bring back characters we thought were dead.

I don’t want to give away the biggest spoiler, but to say that as far as ‘"Doctor Who" season finales go, this one was highly unusual in that it left many unanswered questions for next season. The only question it didn’t ask was a question of cast, as it looks like all the principles will be returning, and (yeah!) we now have our first married companion couple onboard the TARDIS and traveling with the Doctor.

Until now, the TARDIS has been a sex-free zone. How will Amy and Rory deal with that aspect of married life? Moreover how will the BBC deal with it?

My biggest rave has to be Matt Smith this season. There have been some wobbles, but by "Pandorica" and "Big Bang" he has proven to inhabit the Doctor and meet all challenges and naysayers in taking over the role from fan favorite David Tennant.

Best Quote:

“I've got questions, but number one is this: What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?”  — River Song, just prior to yanking off the Doctor’s fez and shooting it.

Best Parts:

The moments when the Doctor is tucking in little Amelia and telling his “story” was suburb. “A daft old man who stole (well borrowed) a magic box.” I was riveted to Smith there. He really was great at showing all of the Doctor's long years, and his obvious love of the TARDIS. “Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient. And the bluest blue ever.”

How can you not love little Amelia Pond?  [Caitlin Blackwood and also an actual relation to Karen Gillan]

Worst Parts:

Some things really did make no sense. It was Big on the whimsy and sentiment, but shoddy on the science. Then again, we are talking about what is essentially a fairy tale.

My Rating:

A very good end to a good (if unusual) season. I just had hoped for a little more.