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Happy New Year: Watch Don Lemon Get His Ear Pierced Live on TV, for Some Reason (Video)

At least that bar seemed like a sterile environment

How was the end to your 2016? Don Lemon looks like he had a good time.

For some reason, the CNN newsman got his ear pierced on live TV on New Year’s Eve, downing a shot beforehand. It didn’t necessarily look like his first drink of the evening, either.

Earlier, the reporter and studio host had been debating with Brooke Baldwin whether he should get a piercing or a tattoo tonight. IN A BAR. New Year’s Eve countdown show star Kathy Griffin pushed for a nipple piercing, while her cohort Anderson Cooper clearly wanted nothing to do with any of this.

Watch Lemon make a life choice via the video above.

Later, the ear-bedazzled Lemon told no one in particular that he “might be open to a relationship” in 2017. Finally, some good news on CNN.

Watch that clip here:

Happy New Year?