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Don Rickles Was the Anti-Don Rickles on Twitter

The comedian, known for his cutting insults, was a sweetheart on the social media platform

Don Rickles, who died in his Los Angeles home on Thursday at age 90, will forever be remembered for his caustic brand of comedy — it’s no wonder fans often dubbed him “The Merchant of Venom” and “The King of Zing.” But on Twitter, the comedian was a total softie.

Rickles officially joined the social media platform on July 6, 2011, setting his genial tone right off the bat, tweeting: “Hi, I am Don Rickles posting my first tweet, join me on my trip to greatness!”

From there, Rickles mostly used his account to promote appearances (in announcing his guest spot on TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland,” he called Betty White “Wonder Woman”), and keep his fans abreast of his daily activities (“I had a big day today – I got up,” he tweeted in 2011.)

Well up until his passing, Rickles kept his insult humor alive, mocking audience members as well as big-name celebrities during standup appearances. On Twitter, however, he maintained an adorable, sweet-grandfatherly tone.

“Watch me on Jay Leno Thursday night, and don’t worry, he’ll be funny!” is about as harsh as Rickles got.

Below are some of his tweets, which are sure to bring a smile to your face.