Twitter Thanks the 98 Percent of #BlackWomen Who Voted for Doug Jones

“We need to do more than congratulate them,” says California Senator Kamala Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL – DECEMBER 11: Democratic Senatorial candidate Doug Jones (R) takes a selfie with a supporter during a get out the vote campaign rally on December 11, 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Doug Jones’ shocking win over Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has the internet over the moon. One hashtag has emerged: #BlackWomen.

Yes, 98 percent of of black women who voted yesterday in Alabama did so for the victorious democratic candidate.

A CNN exit poll shows the vast majority of black women voted for Jones, and 93 percent of black men voted for him, too. This is a stark contrast to the 63 percent of white women and 72 percent of white men that voted for Moore — who has been accused of sexual misconduct against minors.

People on social media are thanking women of color for being largely responsible for Jones’ win.

“The real tea is Black women saved themselves not y’all,” one Twitter user said. Several others posted GIFs of black women in powerful situations, like a scene from “Hidden Figures” and Beyoncé at the Super Bowl.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), pointed out that “we need to do more than congratulate them.”

“Let’s address issues that disproportionately affect Black women–like pay disparity, housing & underrepresentation in elected office,” she said.

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