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Edward Norton Raises $400,000 for Syrian Refugee

The actor was moved by the story about a scientist who lost his family and wants to move to Michigan

Edward Norton is working to raise money for a Syrian scientist who is looking to move to Michigan after his wife and daughter were killed in a bombing.

The actor read the story of the scientist in the popular photography blog, “Humans of New York,” and consequently started a fundraiser through Crowdrise to fund the man’s move and integration into America. The man is also fighting stomach cancer.

“I saw this story on one of my favorite sites, Humans of New York, and it moved me to tears,” Norton wrote on the website. “This man has suffered profound loss that would crush the spirit of many people and yet he still passionately wants a chance to contribute positively to the world.”

He added, “Everything we raise here will go to help this family so that the father can get the medical treatment he needs to live and pursue his work, and his family can build a new stable life after their tragedy.”

Almost $400,000 has been raised so far.