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Emmy Quickie: ‘Silicon Valley’ Star Zach Woods on What Tech Moguls Tell Him About the Show (Video)

”Even if you don’t ask their opinion, they’ll volunteer it quite loudly and insistently,“ actor tells TheWrap

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” is full of technical jargon and computer language, so much that real-world “tech guys” feel the need to tell the cast members what is wrong with the show.

“That’s the funny thing,” Zach Woods told TheWrap. “Some of these tech guys, especially the ultra wealthy ones, are so used to people deferring to them and asking them their opinion, that sometimes even if you don’t ask their opinion, they’ll volunteer it quite loudly and insistently, so you’ll meet these people sometimes who are like, ‘You know what’s wrong with the show…?'”

“Silicon Valley” is currently in its third season and revolves around a group of men trying to build their own startup, Pied Piper, among bigger tech firms and coders trying to steal their platform. And it’s hilarious, having solidified its reputation of a comedy with epic one-liners and cringe-worthy moments.

And Woods admitted that the “Silicon Valley” cast members are just as much jokesters in real life as they are on the show.

“The atmosphere is really good,” Woods said about production. “I sometimes wonder if we’re getting on the crew’s nerves. … Every so often I look up from snatching at Thomas’ [Middleditch] inner thigh and just see a crew guy with dead eyes and irritation on his face because it’s like, they are grown-ups trying to do their jobs.”

If you’ve never watched “Silicon Valley” and are intimidated by technical jargon, Woods explained that it’s “about underdogs and a community of friends more than it’s about the minutiae of tech.”

Watch the video above.

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