Emmys: 6 Things You Didn’t See on TV, From RuPaul, Billy Porter and More

Alex Borstein, Peter Dinklage and John Oliver all have their moments

RuPaul Emmys Backstage
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The host-free Emmys had a lot you didn’t see on TV, including details about Alex Borstein’s “secret” project, RuPaul’s touching tribute to a producer who won posthumously, and Peter Dinklage struggling to say goodbye.

Here are six backstage moments that didn’t appear during Fox’s broadcast Sunday.

1. RuPaul Honored a “Drag Race” Producer 

After “RuPaul’s Drag Race” won for Best Competition Series, RuPaul honored one of the show’s producers, Jacqueline Wilson, who died two weeks ago. She had been with “Drag Race” since the show’s second season.

The entire “Drag Race” team raised their trophies in Wilson’s memory.

RuPaul also cracked a joke when asked about the racial and LGBTQ diversity of the producers on the show.

“And the BLT community. I love my Bacon Lettuce and Tomato,” RuPaul said. “First of all, the host of our show is black, gay and drag queen, so check, check and check. There are lots of different types of people here. Is it important? Yes. I had to fight. I feel like I’m about to quote a movie.”

Alex Borstein Jokes She’s Next Making a “Secret” “Hardcore Porn” Project

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” co-stars and Emmy winners Tony Shaloub and Alex Borstein hinted at some of their upcoming projects beyond “Maisel.”

“There’s always a secret project, but my biggest project is my kid,” she said. Her other project though, she joked, is a lot less wholesome. “It’s kind of a porn, that’s the first laugh of the night. Yeah, it’s a hardcore porn, it’s a snuff film.”

Borstein said she wasn’t sure why, during her acceptance speech, she brought up the memory of her grandmother, who lived through the Holocaust.

“I’m not sure. I don’t know, just talking about the strength of a woman, and my grandmother is the strongest woman I knew,” Borstein said. “We keep focusing on the strength of women now, and how they’ve come a long way, and it’s bulls—. We come from a long line of bulldozers.”

John Oliver Takes Questions at the Worst Moment

You may have heard the audience at the Microsoft Theater applauding during the In Memoriam segment at Sunday’s Emmys. What you didn’t hear was John Oliver’s reaction to it.

As he was speaking to the press, Oliver heard the applause and cut off mid-response and asked, “Who just won?” He was then informed what segment was actually taking place.

“Doing a Q&A during an In Memoriam is not the best slot,” Oliver sheepishly joked, turning away and holding his head in amazement.

The “Last Week Tonight” host also had some thoughts about the hostless Emmys, saying he would’ve enjoyed seeing Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel up on stage.

“I like comedians,” he said.

Billy Porter Says “There’s Never a Side-Eye”

While “Pose” star Billy Porter’s Emmy win was one of the more memorable moments of the evening, he had another viral moment online, a stray cutaway shot of Porter as RuPaul was accepting his award. People online wondered if he was giving a little side eye.

“There’s never a side eye coming from me. Let me make this clear to everyone in this room. There’s never anything negative coming from me. It’s all positivity,” Porter said, though he hasn’t yet seen the image that’s making the rounds.

“Don’t come to me with that mess. RuPaul is a friend of mine. I am so proud of him. I stand on his shoulders, he paved the way for me, so there’s never a side eye,” he added.

It’s All a Blur to Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage was asked if he can ever extract himself from the role of Tyrion Lannister. He answered with praise for his “Game of Thrones” colleagues.

“I’ve seen a doctor about getting him out of me. The doctor said it’s hopeless,” he said. “You can’t shake that very easily, nor do you want to shake it, nor do you want to shake any of these people.”