Everybody Lost it Over ‘Atlanta’ Trans-Racial Episode

The latest episode of the acclaimed FX series was so complex and meta, it got the Twitterverse right in its feelings

paper boi atlanta

Donald Glover has done it again. Tuesday night’s episode of “Atlanta” was complex on so many levels and although many viewers were praising Glover for being a “genius,” the running theme of the evening was “that’s weird.”

So what was so special about this specific episode?

This week’s “Atlanta” was an episode within an episode. It aired as a 30-minute segment of a talk show titled “Montague” — which was reminiscent of “The Tavis Smiley Show” — on a faux network, Black America Network (BAN), complete with fake commercials and all.

While many others echoed the same sentiments, some couldn’t help but note the strange structure.

“Atlanta was extra weird and amazing tonight. I love this show,” commented one fan.

Most importantly, it seemed that most people were just happy that “Atlanta” was unapologetically black.

“A black entertainer & writer who creates material that doesn’t compromise nor exploit his community?! C’MON NOW!” tweeted another.


Rapper Paper Boi joined Franklin Montague on “Montague” along with Dr. Debra Holt, the head of the Center of Trans-American Issues, for an episode dedicated to discussing “growing outlook of accepted sexuality and its affects on black youth and culture.” The rapper appeared on the show to do some damage control after he had gotten into some trouble for tweeting controversial messages about Caitlyn Jenner.

When “Montague” returns from its commercial break (some of which are part of “Atlanta” and some actually real commercials), the host checks in with his correspondent, Nathan Wielder, who is interviewing a black teenager named Antoine Smalls who believes he’s really a white man. All of which is very familiar to the trans-racial discussion sparked by Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who pretended to be black.

“I’m a 35-year-old white man,” are the first words Smalls tells Wielder. The correspondent explains that Smalls has “trans-racial identity,” and now identifies as Harrison Booth from Colorado.

At this point, we see scenes of Smalls, er, uh, Booth carrying golf clubs, walking through a farmer’s market and at one point we even see Booth attempting to get a black man who was in the middle of speaking with police officers arrested by telling the cops: “He doesn’t even live in the area, I’ve never seen him before.”

The punchline: “I called them,” the man said.

See some of the best tweets below.