WWE ‘Extreme Rules’: Watch Braun Strowman Throw Kevin Owens Off the Top of a Steel Cage (Video)

And through an announcers’ table

Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens - WWE

Poor Kevin Owens — he’s been through a lot lately. Though none of the previous recent assaults on the WWE Superstar compare to what Braun Strowman just did to him at “Extreme Rules.” (OK, so last month’s gigantic ladder spot probably does.)

On Sunday’s pay-per-view event, the “Monster Among Men” tossed K.O. off of the top of a steel cage and through an announcers’ table some 20 feet below. It didn’t look like an easy bump to those of us watching at home on subscriber video on demand (SVOD) service WWE Network — or, we imagine, for anyone in attendance at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, arena.

Watch the scary moment below, courtesy of our friend Slice Wrestling:

And here is a second angle of tonight’s insanity:

Need a third perspective?

By the way, below is that other incredible cage moment in WWE history that Slice is referencing with both of his tweets. Stick around until the end of this one:

Undertaker and Mankind had some epic moments up there, with Mick Foley’s body baring the brunt of those instant-classic brawls.

Strowman and Owens have been feuding for a few months now, with the powerlifter tormenting his “Raw” roster opponent time and time again. At one point, Strowman (storyline) flipped Owens’ rental car onto its roof. Another time, this year’s men’s Money in the Bank contract winner shoulder-tackled the prizefighter off of the WWE entrance ramp stage. Oh, and Owens was locked in a port-a-potty at the time, adding insult to almost certain injury.

And then there was that aforementioned “Money in the Bank” match. If you didn’t click our hyperlink the first time, just do it now.

Yes, Owens may play a coward on TV, but the professional wrestler has a ton of guts to take dangerous falls like these.