More ‘Fargo’ Coming? ‘The Plan Is’ for 2019, FX CEO Says

TCA 2018: Showrunner Noah Hawley gets a year off — at least, from this series

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Good news, “Fargo” fans — the Noah Hawley anthology series is likely to return to FX next year, cable channel boss John Landgraf told TV reporters on Friday.

“Noah Hawley, who has become quite a busy bee… has told us that he has an idea that excited me enormously for a fourth cycle of ‘Fargo’ and the plan is to have that ready in 2019,” Landgraf said at the Television Critics Association press tour. “The anticipation is there will be another cycle of ‘Fargo’ in 2019.”

See? The future is not all doom and gloom.

After Season 3 went off the air, Hawley — also the man behind FX’s “Legion” — was unsure if his TV adaptation of the 1996 movie would continue. Here’s what he told Variety back in June when asked about another run:

I don’t know. I love making the show and I love writing these stories. It’s a huge challenge to come up with another 500 pages with an original approach on a set of archetypes that isn’t repeating things that I’ve done before. I wouldn’t want this show to feel like “Oh, it’s cute. They do the accent, then things happen.” I want it to feel challenging and original and unexpected and with characters you haven’t seen before. That’s no small task. I guess what I would say is I have to take my time to make sure I get it right. The great thing about FX is they’re not pressuring me to get this on the air again next year. But I don’t know yet. I don’t have the idea yet, so we’ll just have to see. Thirty hours is a lot of story. I’m hugely proud of the work that we did, and I don’t want to overstay my welcome.

Fortunately, it now sounds like the critically acclaimed show will continue after all — just not this year.

Landgraf is a bit of an occupied worker bee himself — albeit the king bee of the cable channel’s hive.

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