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Farm Animal Interrupts Baseball Game: Listen to TV Play-by-Play of the Mayhem (Video)

Because it’s Friday

Minor League Baseball commentators spent two whole minutes on Thursday calling the action of a farm animal running wild on the field, and it’s a sight to see for anyone bored at work on a Friday.

What they call a sheep (but looks more like a goat, right?) trots around the outfield like a boss before a swarm of stadium workers rush the animal and drag it off so game play between the Batavia Muckdogs vs. the State College Spikes can resume.

But before the animal is dragged off, viewers watching the local television broadcast were treated to expert commentary from two guys in the broadcast booth, and one of them was very excited to see Spikes pitcher Steve Farinaro whip out his cell phone to take a photo.

The highlights:

“Admittedly, you won’t see this at Fenway.”

“And Farinaro’s going to take a picture of it. Go ahead Steve, take it. You got to! There’s a goat on the field stopping the game! Or a sheep. Or whatever. A sheep, ram, goat — what is it?”

“Under the category of, ‘This Is Something You Don’t See Everyday.’ This is where you need the monkeys on the dogs that can herd the sheep.”

“Ah, it’s gonna be a fight to the finish here.”

“And let’s face it. Something tells me the sheep was as frightened as anybody.”

“Farinaro’s got it forever. Was it video? He took video. It’s good. Now, you have to keep the video and upload it to the website.”

Or just watch the broadcast above.