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Fifth Time Clean? Lindsay Lohan Trots Back To Rehab

Five days after follow-up short jail stint, Lohan enters yet another substance abuse facility

Well, no one can say Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have tenacity as well as an appetite for self-destruction — after four previous failed stints, the once acclaimed actress is back in rehab.

While the actual facility Lohan checked into is not known, an individual close to the actress’s case confirmed to TheWrap a TMZ report that she's in treatment again — and plans to stay there until her probation violation hearing on Oct. 22.

That hearing could, if Judge Elden Fox keeps to his promise and LiLo’s lawyers don’t end-run him, see Lohan back in jail for 30 days … though more than likely she will be out earlier, as she was when she was jailed earlier this summer due to prison overcrowding.

At an Aug. 25 hearing, which was one day after LiLo got out of in-patient rehab at UCLA 68 days early, Judge Fox ruled that one condition of the actress’ extensively revised probation, stemming from two 2007 DUI incidents, Lohan was to submit to two random drug tests a week.

At the time Fox made it very clear to Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley that if Lohan was to miss or fail a single substance abuse test, it would constitute a violation of her probation and result in additional jail time.

All seemed be going along relatively well in Lohanland until Sept 17 when reports of Lindsay failing at least one drug test for cocaine surfaced. Not longer afterward Lindsay confirmed it herself, writing on Twitter that she “did in fact fail my most recent drug test.”

Calling herself “a work in progress,” Lohan also said ‘this was certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I'm prepared to face the consequences."

On Sept. 20, Fox, surprising almost no one, revoked Lohan’s probation and issued a bench warrant for her arrest. At the subsequent hearing on Sept. 24, the judge surprised many and did remand Lohan into custody for 30 days. Not that it lasted long.

Within hours, Holley had gotten another judge to overturn the order on a matter of law and Lohan was free on $300,000 bail. As a condition of that bail, the actress had to start wearing her third alcohol detecting SCRAM bracelet.