Fox News Contributor Blasts Lauer, Olbermann: ‘F— Both of You Womanizing Perverts’

“Karma is a … well, a woman you can’t touch,” Robert J. O’Neill adds after he trashes Keith Olbermann and Matt Lauer via social media

Robert O'Neill
Fox News

Fox News contributor Robert J. O’Neill made some curious remarks on Twitter and Instagram over the last few days, which included some choice words for former “Today” show anchor Matt Lauer and former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann.

When someone on Twitter asked O’Neill what his “toughest hand to hand combat situation” ever was, O’Neill  responded that it was “Smacking Matt Lauer’s hands off of Keith Olbermann’s ass.”

O’Neill was evidently so amused by the tweet that he included of photo of it on his Instagram.

“Because f— both of you womanizing perverts,” he added in a comment. “Karma is a … well, a woman you can’t touch.”

O’Neill started the ball rolling on Twitter while on a flight after inviting his followers to ask him anything.

It is unclear exactly what O’Neill is talking about in either the tweet or the Instagram post. While the charges of sexual misconduct against Lauer are now well-known, there are no known allegations against Olbermann — who specifically pointed out on the concluding episode of his YouTube show for GQ this week that he was leaving voluntarily and that there was “no illness, no scandal, no firing.”

Fox News, O’Neill and Olbermann were all contacted by TheWrap either directly or through representatives. None were immediately available for comment.

O’Neill, a former Navy Seal, has been a Fox News contributor since 2015.

“It’s incredibly rare to have someone in a television contributor role with his leadership experience and expertise at the fighting unit level,” then-Fox News chairman Roger Ailes said at the time of his hiring. “His military insight will be a major asset to the network and we are honored to have him.”

O’Neill previously made headlines here at TheWrap after he posted an image to Instagram showing an intimate dinner between him and President Trump, which also included his “Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth, the show’s former executive producer Jennifer Rauchet and O’Neill’s wife Jessica.

Before his tenure at Fox News, O’Neill was most famous for his role in the death of Osama Bin Laden.