‘Fox & Friends’ Howls at Jill Biden’s ‘Bizarre’ White House Nutcracker Dance Video: ‘Willy Wonka Weed Dream’ | Video

“We learned a lot from this video … Turns out it was Jill Biden’s cocaine in the White House,” Jimmy Failla quips

“Fox & Friends First” wasn’t first to mock the jazzy, razzle-dazzle-y “Nutcracker Suite” tap-dance video shot in the White House and posted this week by Jill Biden. But the Fox News hosts certainly took their time stepping all over it.

And the early morning “Fox & Friends” spin-off didn’t just go off on the holiday kaleidoscope fever dream contents of the oddly metered performance – they started out taking shots at the politics of the dance troupe itself.

“There is more,” cohost Carley Shimkus said Friday morning. “The New York City dance company she hired to perform promotes defunding the police, prison abolition and the debunked ‘1619 Project.’”

Guest Jimmy Failla, comedian and host of “Fox Across America,” responded, “We learned a lot from this video. Mainly, it turns out it was Jill Biden’s cocaine in the White House. Who had any idea?”

“No, no!” Shimkus faux-protested.

“How would you approve of this if you were sober?” Failla continued. “Because it’s absurd! That video looks like the type of dream you would have if you dropped acid and went to bed. It’s bizarre … There is a dancing guy in a pig mask. There is an odd wooden soldier ballet. I don’t know what to make of it.”

The First Lady first posted the video on her X account this week, saying: “A bit of magic, wonder and joy brought to you by the talented tappers of Dorrance Dance, performing their playful interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite.”

“I don’t know whether this is … a Willy Wonka Weed Dream, hopping around the White House?” Failla said, running out of steam. “Not a word. I don’t know.”

“Your taxpayer dollars at work,” Shimkus said.

Watch the entire critique in the video above.


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