George Soros Sued for $50 Million by Ex-Girlfriend

A Brazilian soap opera star claims the billionaire philanthropist cheated her out of an apartment.

Billionaire George Soros decision to dump his girlfriend, a Brazilian soap opera star, may hurt his pocketbook and his reputation.

Adriana Ferreyr, who rose to fame in "Marisol," is suing the 80-year-old financier for $50 million dollars, claiming that he promised her an apartment and then gave it to another woman.

The suit, filed in a Manhattan court Wednesday, also alleges that Soros physically abused Ferreyr.

Soros’ lawyer told the New York Post that the lawsuit is simply an attempt to extract money from a man with more money than 99.9 percent of the populace.Soros, worth upwards of $14 billion, is a supporter of liberal causes and helped fund the Center for American Progress, among other organizations.

What will Soros-conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck will make of this? With his Fox News show ended, fans will no longer be able to tune in there to find out.