A Georgia Crew Member to Hollywood: Don’t Boycott, #StayAndFight (Guest Blog)

“We are on the same side. We also want to defeat the ‘heartbeat bill,'” veteran story artist Mark Simon writes

Last Updated: June 12, 2019 @ 6:07 PM

We are on the same side. We support women’s rights and believe women should decide what is right for their own bodies and lives.

I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia. I started my career in Los Angeles and continued it in Orlando. I’ve worked in our wonderful and caring industry for over 30 years.

We are on the same side. We also want to defeat the “heartbeat bill,” a poorly camouflaged weapon to get Roe v. Wade overturned and an assault on women.

I, like many others across our industry, have marched for women’s rights.

I am a man who doesn’t want to be told what to do with my body and can’t understand how it could be OK to tell a woman what to do with hers.

But if we are on the same side, why does it feel like those of us in Georgia are fighting two battles?

We’re fighting the same thoughtless and ruthless law you are, but we are also fighting for our careers.

I choose to stay and fight. Please support those of us who fight on the front lines. Don’t punish us. If we Georgia locals are forced to leave our homes because of a boycott, it hurts the very women you want to help.

We all want to stop the law from being instituted and we want to use the power of our vote to keep this from happening again.

From Hollywood, you can’t vote here. We can.

From Hollywood, you can’t easily march here. We can.

From Hollywood, you can make a big impact. So can we!

We are on the same side. But if we are forced to leave to find work in our industry, there will be fewer people here to fight, and women will suffer.

A boycott doesn’t hurt the state. It hurts us, the crew. And it hurts the very women you want to protect.

If you boycott, the politicians won’t lose. They win. They will be empowered.

If you boycott, conservative citizens who want to restrict what a woman is allowed to do won’t leave. They will be emboldened.

We are on the same side. I choose to stay in Georgia and fight for women’s rights. I ask that Hollywood fight with us, not against us. #StayAndFight


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