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Gloria Steinem: Boycott ‘The Playboy Club’

The feminist icon posed as a bunny in the 1960s, but today she calls the clubs ”the tackiest places on earth“

She may have sported the Bunny ears herself, but Gloria Steinem is no fan of NBC's upcoming "The Playboy Club." 

In the 1960s, the feminist icon rose to public attention after posing as a Bunny in the New York Playboy Club for an investigative piece that ran in Show magazine. (See photo left.)

It did not leave her with a warm feeling about the joint. 

"It was the tackiest place on earth," Steinem told Reuters in an interview Tuesday.

The feminist icon said that she hopes viewers doom the show with their dial because it is demeaning to women. 

"I expect that 'The Playboy Club' will be a net minus and I hope people boycott it. It's just not telling the truth about the era," Steinem says. 

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Steinem may have an unlikely ally in the Parents Television Council. 

The parents' watchdog group and opponent of all things salacious has been busy pressuring affiliates to refuse to broadcast the nightclub drama.

NBC executives have been portraying the program as a frothy soap opera, but Steinem thinks this sudser ignores the real life hardships endured by the women who worked in Hugh Hefner's stable of clubs. 

"I just know that over the years, women have called me and told me horror stories of what they experienced at the Playboy Club and at the Playboy Mansion," Steinem said.