Gregg Sulkin Catches Hell for ‘Grab Her By the Brain’ Hat

“Or you could just not grab us at all?” responds one irate Twitter user

Gregg Sulkin Grab Her By The Brain

Gregg Sulkin is facing some backlash after showing off a new well-meaning fashion accessory.

“Grab Her By The Brain is an initiative dedicated to empowering females of all ages,” the “Faking It” actor tweeted Thursday, along with a photo of himself sporting a hat bearing the phrase. “Honored to take part.”

Unfortunately, Sulkin’s followers found the phrase problematic, despite its attempt to put a more positive spin on Donald Trump’s notorious “Grab her by the p—y” sound bite from a leaked “Access Hollywood” tape recorded in 2005.

“WTF HOW ABOUT DONT GRAB HER AT ALL?” said one irate follower in response to Sulkin’s post.

“We don’t need this. Thanks. Just stop with all the grabbing.” said another.

“I get that it’s suppose to be a positive message, so good on them for that,” said one slightly more sympathetic fan. “But it seems like it’s coming out of the mentality that ‘pussy’ was the offensive part of Trumpacabra’s statement. Which of course, it wasn’t.”

New York magazine similarly asked Sulkin, “Instead of ‘Grab Her by the Brain,’ How About We Don’t Grab Her at All?” in an article published on Thursday. Slate observed: “Using the phrase ‘grab them by the p—y’ as a jumping-off point for the brainstorm was a poor idea.”

Sulkin is listed as an ambassador for the Grab Her By The Brain initiative on its website, alongside actors Cassie Scerbo, Blake Cooper Griffin, Veronika Dash, former Green Bay Packers player Dale Moss and marketing professional Danielle Degregory.

Grab Her By The Brain, according to its official website, was founded by model Elizabeth Ariosto and is described as “a movement — an initiative — that is dedicated to empowering females of all ages. Our mission is to confront gender inequality with an unparalleled positivity and enthusiasm.”

Representatives for the organization and for Sulkin did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s requests for comment.

The website also stipulates that 10 percent of proceeds from people buying the $21 hat, as modeled by Sulkin, will go to the charity Boo2Bullying, and that the charity of choice will rotate from month to month.