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Hillary Clinton Wins Guam Caucuses

Neither Clinton nor Bernie Sanders visited the island territory during their campaigns

Hillary Clinton has won the Guam Democratic caucuses, according to unofficial results announced by the Western Pacific island’s Democratic Party chairman Joaquin Perez.

With only seven pledged delegates at stake, neither candidate visited Guam during their respective campaigns. However, both Clinton and Bernie Sanders spent modest amounts on radio ads throughout the U.S. territory.

Clinton, who lost the 2008 Guam caucuses to then-Senator Barack Obama by just seven votes, visited the island when she was Secretary of State.

Guam is located 7,900 mikes away from Washington D.C.

Sanders now trails Hillary Clinton by roughly 300 pledged delegates and can no longer reach the nomination threshold on pledged delegates alone. The Vermont senator must now focus on swaying super delegates, but has vowed to compete through the final contests in June regardless.

The next Democratic voting contest is the West Virginia primary on Tuesday, followed by Kentucky and Oregon on May 17. The big day is June 17, which features primary battles in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota.